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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed up the Mesa Trail so I could test Google Fi reception there, since that area proved to have spotty reception from Mint Mobile when I tested it earlier this year. The Google Fi connection was solid when I called my parents. I'll be testing it out on some of the other trails the pack frequents, in the days to come. The Mesa Trail was pretty quiet. We saw a few other hikers, but no other dogs. Sputnik was dragging a bit during our ascent. On the way back, he kept up better with Griff, Carl, Racer, and me.

Variety Pack

Avo, Riley, and Rey kept swapping positions with each other as we walked the Goose Creek Greenway by Valmont City Park. On the other side, Dylan, Mamacita, and Zoey walked very nicely in place with each other, making it easier to manage the indecisive youngins. Avo, Riley, and Rey were also distracted by the prarie dogs we passed. Nobody made any attempts to actually chase after them, but they were all pretty tense and alert for the first 15 minutes of the walk. They were less concerned when encountering the praire dogs again on the return leg.

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