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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer sniffed her way along the trails at the Chautauqua this morning. Carl and Griff roamed the trails, stopping to check out spots here and there. We encountered a group of three other friendly dogs today, and the pack was happy to say hello. They all milled around each other for a minute, sniffing their greetings before parting ways.

Variety Pack

The pack returned to the Valmont Dog Park for the first time in about 21 months, since the pandemic first started and then the park was closed for renovations. Rey, Avo, Riley, and Zoey all burst in with eager excitement, and raced around together. Zoey, Avo, and Riley enjoyed some fetch. Rey and Avo chased and wrestled around with each other. The dogs were very happy to be back at their old digs, and made the most of the open space. Unfortunately, about a half an hour in, Riley and Avo got into a scuffle over a tennis ball they both wanted to fetch. Neither bit the other, but they had a pretty intense disagreement over it, and I decided to take the pack across the street to walk the Goose Creek Greenway for the rest of our outing.


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