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Tuesday Pack Activities (8/29/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer was the only one to hop into Silver Lake Ditch on our way up the mountain today. Imogene rubber-banded ahead and back throughout the hike. Griff picked his pace up to a trot to catch up to her whenever she went running ahead of him. When we passed by the ditch again a bit later, everybody hopped in. We came across a few friendly dogs on our way back down the mountain, at another point along Silver Lake Ditch. After sniffing hello, the dogs hopped into the water. Racer proceeded to hop back out, then back in again, then back out, then back in again, before finally deciding she had enough of the water and was ready to move on. Griff and Imogene both just waded through the water a bit before they got out.

Variety Pack

Carl found a jumbo-sized tennis ball that he somehow managed to fit in his mouth, and enjoyed playing fetch with that today. He guarded it jealously when other dogs hovered around him, but there was one Australian Shepherd who beat him to it a few of the times that I threw it. Ruffers was very interested in that dog and she made some play moves and mounted him several times to try to get his attention. She didn't seem to appreciate the irony when, a short while later, a Norwegian Elkhound showed the same kind of interest in her, and she rebuffed his advances in an irritated manner. Zoey played some fetch with a disc we found at the park. She had some trouble lifting it off the ground after the first throw, but managed much better on subsequent retrievals.


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