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Tuesday Pack Activities (9/12/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly, Racer, Griff and Imogene headed to the Chautauqua today. Everyone's on-leash etiquette was on point today as we enjoyed a hike in the cooler weather. Even without the heat, the ascent up Bluebell-Baird Trail has proven to be tiring for the dogs. Everyone was happy to have a drink once we reached the intersection with Ski Jump Trail. A little later on, Imogene was excited to greet another dog we came across. The goofy, exuberant gallop of her approach got a laugh out of that dog's human companion. The rest of the pack was mellow as we passed by.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Alfie, Nelly, Carl and Zoey went to CU South for the afternoon. A kid zipped by on a scooter when we were walking around the park adjacent to CU South. I thought Alfie might react like he does to skateboards, but he stayed chill along with his packmates. We saw a few dogs in the distance on our hike around the CU South trails, but didn't actually come upon most of them. There was one we had a chance to say hello to at the edge of the pond. The pack all gathered around to make greeting sniffs with the friendly pup before we moved along.


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