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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Dylan, and Ruffers were all very interested in a downed Pine branch beside the trail on our way to Enchanted Mesa. After a good, long sniff, Dylan and Ruffers moved along; Sputnik stayed another minute before he was satisfied. Most of the trail was already clear from last night's light snow, but Dylan made the most of a patch of snow in a shaded stretch, by going for a wiggle. Ruffers and Dylan explored off leash together, while Sputnik stayed on leash with me, as there were quite a few other dogs on the trails today.

Variety Pack

Carl and Rey walked side-by-side on the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Carl did a pretty good job of staying in place and on pace with the pack, until wind kicked up some stray leaves. Whenever a leaf blew by near him, nothing else in the world mattered; he just had to try to pounce on it. Walking next to him, Rey was uninterested by the activities of leaves blowing in the wind. Zoey wanted to spend some extra time sniffing through one of the parks beside the path. She kept stopping to let me know she wanted to go back and sniff more. She would seem like she was done, and we would start walking again, but then she would just stop again a moment later and insist on going back over to sniff around more.


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