Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo was very pumped to run around the trails this morning. Griff and Dylan each took turns off leash with her, but neither was interested in trying to keep up with her sprints. Racer poked along as she sniffed beside the trail. When Dylan and Griff were off leash together, Dylan followed behind Griff but ahead of the rest of us. When Dylan and Avo were off leash together, Dylan fell behind a bit as if to make clear that he had no interest in joining in with Avo's outbursts of energy. Griff, on the other hand, carried on with his usual scouting routine when he and Avo shared some off-leash time.

Variety Pack

Imogene couldn't get enough of playing fetch at the park, as usual. Carl often chased the ball with her, but Imogene always came away with it. I sometimes threw a second ball for Carl when Imogene was distracted, and he was very excited about getting it himself. Zoey was feeling better today. She was very interested in a couple discs with cut-out centers, which were a little easier for her to pick up than a standard Frisbee. Petie was much more comfortable being with the pack today, and he also had a bit of fun with some of the other dogs at the park. There were a couple Huskies, a couple German Shepherds, and a couple dogs who looked like Husky/German Shepherd mixes, all of whom Petie enjoyed hanging out with.

Evening Pack

Blu, Gidget, Mrs. Miggins, Rucksack, Roger Roger, Griff, and Racer all took a very nice walk to Wonderland Lake early this evening. Jen took the little ones - Blu, Gidget, and Mrs. Miggins; I took the rest. Jen's crew didn't like when my crew got ahead of them, and would start pulling like mad to catch up, so Jen and the little ones led the way most of the time. In that formation, the dogs all walked pretty nicely. There were a couple spots along the way where all the dogs needed to do some sniffing, and it took some time for everyone to get their turn.