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Wednesday, April 5th

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Colby both enjoyed plowing their faces through the fresh snow alongside the trails this morning. Coco and Mamacita were more delicate as they sniffed at the surface of the snow without disturbing it...until they walked through it and peed on it. Despite the snow on the ground, the clear, sunny skies made for very mild and pleasant hiking weather.

Variety Pack

Ruffers was in a playful mood at the park this afternoon and tried to get Coco to indulge her in some wrestling. Coco made a few moves with her packmate but not enough to entertain Ruffers, so Ruffers found playmates in a miniature Australian Shepherd and a Pit Bull at the park who ran with her. When Coco saw all the fun they were having, she joined in for some chasing. Mamacita also got in on the play with Ruffers' new friends. Thompson didn't join in for the play but he did make sure to go over and say hello to every dog who was at the park. He has been looking bright, fluffy, and handsome since his recent visit to the groomer.

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