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Tuesday Pack Activities (4/23/2024)

Adventure Pack

 There were some friendly pups the pack sniffed hello with at the Chautauqua trail head today. Griff actually hung back a bit when he was off-leash with Imogene. Imogene was lingering far behind to sniff around, so I think Griff was keeping tabs on her. Arlo, Racer and Imogene were all very interested in the fresh, flowing water of the small stream we crossed over on our way up the 3rd Flatiron/Royal Arch connector trail, and took a long break there while Griff started to scout ahead.

Variety Pack

Lumi and Carl enjoyed a leisurely stroll around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. It started off overcast and cool, but the sun gradually came out more as we went. We passed somewhat near a couple ducks swimming at the northeast edge of the pond, but I think they were obscured from the dogs by the tall grass; there was no reaction from Lumi or Carl, who both had been very interested in ducks we saw at Wonderland Lake previously.


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