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Tuesday, April 11th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita, Coco, and Sputnik had a pleasant hike at the Chautauqua this morning. A family of hikers asked to say hello to the pack and the dogs all happily enjoyed the pets. Sputnik didn't try to pull at all toward the other dogs we saw on the trail today, and instead trotted by politely along with his packmates.

Play Pack

Ruffers quickly made friends with a St. Bernard upon arriving at the park, while Isaac quickly found a tennis ball with with to begin his endless rounds of fetch. A young black Lab mix came over to greet the pack, and Coco and Mamacita both made some playful moves with him. Meanwhile, Thompson was feeling especially lively today. A young male got him going by getting into a bit of a chest-butting competition. After that, Thompson made several attempts to mount that dog and another, older dog who was hanging out with him at the concrete pad in the center of the park.

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