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Friday Pack Activities (5/3/2024)

Adventure Pack

Yoshi, Lou, Nelly, and Dylan enjoyed the pleasant weather as we hiked the Chautauqua today. Everyone was very attentive when we took a treat break on our way up Royal Arch. We turned around a short way up and started moseying back down the mountain. The dogs - especially Nelly and Lou - were happy to say hello to our friend Rich, who is an OSMP volunteer who works at the Chautauqua trail head on Fridays, and used to be a fellow hiker whom we often encountered on the trails with his own dog before she passed away. While Lou and Nelly were very friendly and gentle in approaching Rich, Dylan was more interested in getting some water, and Yoshi was distracted by all the people and other dogs passing through the trail head.

Variety Pack

Racer, Ruffers, Lumi, Milo, Carl, and Arlo headed to Bear Creek Greenway for a relatively cool afternoon stroll. Racer didn't wait to get to the nearby tree at the edge of the parking lot before stopping to leave her mark at Martin Park. The rest of the pack held it for the 5-10 yards to the tree, and then took turns peeing as they all milled about with their noses to the ground. Halfway through the walk, Lumi lay in a dense patch of dandelions and sprawled out while the others were sniffing around the area. Everyone stayed quite orderly throughout the walk, making for a very nice time.


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