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Friday, April 21st

Adventure Pack

Coco, Mamacita, Rucksack, and Sputnik were all drawn to the tall, dewy grass by the trails this morning. Even though we had just taken a water break, they found this one patch irresistible and all swarmed around to chomp on it. Rucksack led the way but was soon satisfied. His packmates followed close on his heels and required some convincing to eventually leave it behind and continue on our way. At one point during our hike, Mamacita and Sputnik each play-bowed for the other and held that position for several long seconds before hopping up and nosing at each other affectionately.

Variety Pack

Stella, Thompson, Ruffers, Colby, Coco, and Mamacita all had a pleasant, light hike at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. It was a bit chilly and there were some sprinkles of freezing rain on and off during our outing, but we mostly stayed dry. Stella was very eager to say hello to every passing dog, while the rest of the pack was content to keep on the move. Despite being on the leash, Coco made a move toward the muck-filled ditch as we passed by close to it, which made me glad I had kept her on the leash so as to avoid that mess. Colby was calm and happy throughout the hike, without any nervous jumping or spinning around. Thompson seemed invigorated by the cool weather and had an extra bounce in his step. Ruffers and Mamacita were both very good walkers and stuck right by either side of me.

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