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Wednesday, May 10th

Adventure Pack

The rain kept most of the hikers away this morning. We only passed a few people and no other dogs. Sputnik, Colby, Mamacita, and Coco grew wetter and wetter as the hike went on, especially when the rain picked up for a brief while when we were on the Flatirons Loop. Everyone got toweled off when we returned to the car so Sputnik and Colby went home just damp instead of soaked. Mamacita and Coco were with me for the afternoon as well, but I think they appreciated the temporary reprieve from the soaking they received through the day.

Variety Pack

Thompson and Ruffers joined Coco and Mamacita for a visit to the Foothills Dog Park this afternoon. The ladies were all feeling very playful despite not having any other dogs at the park to entertain them. Ruffers wrestled and raced with both Coco and Mamacita, and Mamacita went on some runs by herself even when her packmates were distracted by scents they were exploring and didn't give chase. Thompson was happy to walk the park and sniff around but he didn't join in the ladies' play.

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