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Tuesday, May 30th

Adventure Pack

Stella joined Sputnik, Coco, and Griff for our hike at the Chautauqua this morning. The trails were busy again and we passed by many other dogs. Sputnik, Coco, and Stella carried on with calm indifference, while Griff showed a bit of interest in sniffing hello as we passed. We took a slower pace today so Stella could keep up without trouble, and everyone was glad to take a break in the shade at one point. Despite the warm weather, Griff wasn't interested in drinking from the CamelBak today. Stella also opted not to take a drink. Coco and Sputnik both did, happily.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the Foothills Community Park this afternoon. There was some minor work being done around the entrance of the dog park, so we went for a hike on the trails in the area instead. We came across a small creek where Isaac, Sanaya, Thompson, and Coco all enjoyed a dip. Coco and Isaac both lay down in the water, while Sanaya and Thompson stayed on four paws and just waded around. After that respite, we continued on our way with the dogs all dripping water to keep them cool for the remainder of the outing.

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