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Friday, June 9th

Adventure Pack

The pack hit the CU South Campus trails this morning and went straight to the pond for a dip before heading out on the trails. Sputnik, Mamacita, Rucksack, Coco, and Sanaya were all thrilled to hop into the water and splash around a bit. Rucksack and Sanaya lingered the longest but then caught up with the rest of us as we made our way up the trail. Sputnik was a little edgy around some of the dogs we passed today, but only grumbled a little to himself and didn't have any unpleasant outbursts. By the end of our hike the dogs were completely dry even though they splashed through the ditch as we made our way around the big loop.

Variety Pack

The pack had a mellow and pleasant walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon, with plenty of breaks in the shade. Colby, Coco, and Stella all took turns rolling around in the grass at different points. During one break, Thompson lay down next to Sanaya in the most adorable way, so I snapped some photos. Despite all the panting going on, Ruffers and Stella were both pretty avoidant of the water spout when I offered drinks to the pack.

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