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Thursday, July 6th

Adventure Pack

We headed up towards the Red Rocks and made our usual stop at the stream on our way. A little pup came up the trail behind us and joined Cooper and Coco in the water while Sputnik sat by me on the shore. We skipped the Anemone Trail and didn't go all the way up to the Red Rocks, but instead headed back down to the Boulder Creek Path and followed that for the remainder of our outing since the heat hit early today.

Variety Pack

Zoey had her second pack outing today and this time we headed to the Valmont Dog Park. There wasn't a whole lot of activity there today, but there was one playful chocolate Lab with whom both Ruffers and Zoey had some fun. The Lab was mostly interested in following Zoey around and jumping on her, and Ruffers followed the Lab around and jumped on him in turn. Isaac and Zoey both had fun playing fetch and hopping into the kiddie pool to cool off. Thompson made his way to the kiddie pool as well. Ruffers preferred to keep dry. She found a couple other friends to trot around with while Isaac and Zoey continued their fetching. Zoey was an enthusiastic chaser but a less committed returner, and sometimes she lost track of the ball -probably due to the bushy hair in her face.

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