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Wednesday, July 19th

Adventure Pack

The Anemone/Red Rocks Trails were empty when we first set out this morning. Colby raced around through the brush after the pack took their regular break at the stream on our way up the trail. Ruffers, Sputnik, and Mamacita all stuck to the trail and leapt at their packmate each time she came sprinting by. Later on, Colby got dodgy with the first person we encountered on the trail and then growled at him, so she went back on the leash for the remainder of our hike. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when Mamacita didn't react to the man at all even after Colby did. Sputnik and Ruffers were predictably pleasant, as well. For the last leg of our hike, Sputnik took to licking Ruffers' ears and making playful moves around her. Ruffers didn't mind ear-licking but she did tell Sputnik to back off whenever he got in her way.

Variety Pack

The pack were all very excited to get in the pond at CU South Campus this afternoon. Zoey made the most of it by going for a swim out to the middle of the pond and back, while Isaac, Griff, and Coco all stayed near the edge of the water. After a good, long soak, we made our way around the big loop, with a few stops along the way at the stream that runs through the ditch beside the trail.

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