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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack was full of energy this morning. Griff's adventurous spirit took him on a couple solo trips off through the brush. When he eventually rejoined the group, he came bounding through to be chased by Coco. When we reached the stream, the pair of them leapt in, out, and over the water after each other. Sputnik made some playful moves whenever his packmates came his way. Cooper barked at them all as he stood soaking in the water. It was a very lively morning!

Variety Pack

There were so many tennis balls at the Valmont Dog Park. Isaac just grabbed the first one he saw and stuck with it until he eventually lost track of it and settled on a replacement. Zoey kept darting from one ball to the next, unable to decide which one to play with, and she dropped whatever ball she picked in a heartbeat whenever I threw another one her way. Ruffers and Thompson weren't interested in the tennis balls, but there were a lot of other dogs at the park to greet. Isaac and Ruffers both had fun running around with a young Boxer. Thompson made his rounds without retreating to any shady spots today, since it was so cool and overcast.

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