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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Finding parking at Eben G. Fine Park was not a problem this morning. The rainy weather kept all the Creek-rafters and picnickers home while the pack braved the elements. Sputnik did a lot of sniffing and marking on our way along the Boulder Creek Path. Rucksack frequently hurried over to any spot of interest that Sputnik found, and gave it a thorough check. Cooper, on the other hand, trusted Sputnik's lead and just marked the same spots without really bothering to sniff them. Mamacita got a little bit grumpy as the rain gradually soaked in. She grumbled at a maintenance truck that drove by along the path and barked at a little dog who we passed.

Variety Pack

Our old packmate Benny joined the crew this afternoon. He was very excited to see his friends, even when Coco growled at him for getting in her face too much. Colby and Ruffers were full of energy and raced all around, up and down the trail and through the brush, at CU South Campus. Coco and Benny both joined in their fun now and then with playful leaps and short bursts of chase, but they didn't try to keep up with Colby and Ruffers on the longer runs. Thompson and Stella trotted along in place just behind me and were joined by Benny when he started to get tuckered out from leaping around his playful packmates. Everyone was happy to get a rub-down with a towel when we got back to the car. Stella was especially enthusiastic as she kept trying to nose her way in on the towel while I was drying off the others.

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