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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita has been Rucksack's object of affection lately but today he turned his attention to Ruffers instead. Ruffers played hard to get, though, and dodged away whenever Rucksack started to lick at her ears, so she ended up pretty dry. Eventually, I switched the dogs' positions so Rucksack was next to Sputnik, because Rucksack and Ruffers' dance with each other was difficult to manage. Meanwhile, Mamacita was left with dry ears for want of any of Rucksack's attention.

Variety Pack

Coco and Stella enjoyed wiggling in the grass at a few different points along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Ruffers hopped around Coco while Coco's limbs flailed around in the air. Colby and Griff stayed out of the fray and just enjoyed a nice walk on a beautiful day. Griff and Stella both stopped to leave scent marks a few times along the way. Colby got nervous a couple times when skateboarders passed us. She hunched low and pulled back a bit as they went by, but relaxed quickly after they were gone.

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