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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We had fewer dog encounters today and Cooper only whined a little bit at the first dog he saw. The pack was excited to get into the stream, and everyone lingered there for a little while. Griff was more responsive to being called back to the group and didn't wander off as far as he has been doing lately. One time when I called Griff back while I was squatting down with Sputnik and Cooper for a short break, he came right up to me for some pets and then Sputnik sniffed at his face and gave him a few kisses. Then, I called Coco over and she joined the huddle and got a good head rub.

Variety Pack

Ruffers immediately headed off to make friends when we arrived at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey sniffed hello with the dogs by the entrance and hung around me. Isaac stayed on a leash until we got a tennis ball so he wouldn't chase and nip at his packmates in an attempt to herd them back amid the excitement of first entering the park. While Isaac got going on fetch, Zoey joined Ruffers in making playful moves with some new friends. Ruffers and Zoey also had some fun dodging and chasing with each other, and Isaac joined in for the chase a couple times.

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