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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We headed to the CU South Campus trails this morning. Mamacita, Sputnik, Ruffers, and Rucksack all took a quick dip in the pond at the outset of our hike. We stopped in the stream beside the trail a short while later but the water was running pretty low. Ruffers and Rucksack had some fun running around together. Rucksack kept returning to the water even though it was barely deep enough to cover his paws.

Variety Pack

Our little old buddy Oliver joined the pack his afternoon alongside Coco, Mamacita, Colby, and Stella. A nice young man came over and asked to pet the dogs when we were passing through Martin Park at the outset of our walk. He explained that although he loves dogs, he is mildly allergic and so doesn't have one of his one. Surprisingly, Colby was the forward greeter, followed closely by Coco and Mamacita. Before long, Coco proceeded to do what she always does when we take a pause in a grassy area - she flopped down and start wiggling around on her back while gnashing at the grass. The pack's new human friend got a kick out of Coco. The amusement increased when Stella and Mamacita both followed suit. Just after we parted ways, Colby decided to have a wiggle as well. Oliver just stood by and waited for the ladies to finish having their fun.