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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Cooper were back at it again, competing to leave the most possible scent marks along our Boulder Creek Path walk this morning. Mamacita and Rucksack were interested in the spots their packmates were marking at the beginning of the walk, but they eventually got pee fatigue and stopped bothering to follow up with Cooper and Sputnik. We found a nice spot on the south bank of the creek where the water was deep right at the edge, so the pack all had fun wading around in there for a few minutes. A couple excited dogs who were splashing around upstream ran over to us. Sputnik and Cooper both remained calm and pleasant while Mamacita and Rucksack sniffed hello.

Variety Pack

Colby was a little bit jumpy on our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. At one point, a man was walking about 50 feet behind us and Colby kept spinning around to watch him. Near the end of our walk, Coco wiggled around in the grass at Martin Park while Stella lay out calmly and opted not to join her packmate in their usual mutual indulgence. Colby kept on watch while her packmates were enjoying the grass.

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