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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco, Griff, and Colby explored the CU South Campus trails off leash together, interspersed with some brief chases. The three of them all enjoyed splashing through the muddy ditch water along the way. I kept Cooper and Sputnik out of the much as they trotted along at my side on leash. I caught a funny photo of Sputnik mid-shake. Sputnik went off the leash for a little while and then he made up for lost time by heading straight into the ditch. Everybody enjoyed a dip in the pond as we neared the end of our hike, and that helped to wash out most of the muckier stuff that was on them from earlier. Griff enjoyed running around with a handful of other dogs who were playing by the pond, so much that he ignored me when I called him to join up with the rest of us on our way back to the packmobile.

Variety Pack

There were several friendly dogs at the center of the park this afternoon and the pack all headed there to go say hello. Zoey didn't linger and soon went off looking for a tennis ball to flaunt. After she and Isaac played a bit of fetch, Isaac ran over to the kiddie pool by the entrance but was disappointed to find that it was dry. He then headed to the kiddie pool at the south end of the park and happily flopped around in the water there. Ruffers drew the attention of a big, young Great Pyrenees whose size intimidated her as he kept pawing at her and trying to get her to play. Later on, she found a yellow Lab who was a bit less pushy and she enjoyed bowing and leaping all around him. Colby, Isaac, Ruffers, and Zoey all got into a big chase with each other later on.

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