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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure pack

Cooper always grumbles a bit when he first climbs into the car in the morning. He seems to be telling the other dogs, "Yeah, I need some help, so what?! Don't make fun of me." The other dogs usually just ignore him and he stops making a fuss once he's up. Today, Sputnik grumbled back at him. I addressed Sputnik and the two of them settled down pretty quickly; but that bit of rivalry seemed to be enough to spark up their pissing contests anew, so we ended up making frequent stops along the trails for them to sniff out spots and pee over each other's marks. Rucksack joined in on some of the sniffing and marking as well, but not with the same level of enthusiasm and determination as Cooper and Sputnik. Mamacita was above those kinds of displays and only relieved herself a couple times along the way. The rest of the time, she just hung out while her packmates tried to prove themselves.

Variety Pack

Coco enjoyed a good, long wiggle in some dead grass beside the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. I was surprised that Stella didn't choose to join her. Instead, Stella and Colby just stood by and did their best to avoid getting kicked by Coco's flailing legs.

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