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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was in the mood to run around this morning but Coco just wanted to stick to the trail. A little while later, I let Sputnik off with Coco and he wanted to play, but Coco just dodged him and then came back over to me like a kid going to "home base" in a game of tag. Cooper kept his cool much better today, though he did let out a couple barks when Sputnik was dancing around Coco. I had the thought to let Griff off with Sputnik but we were nearing more traveled trails at that point so I didn't want to leave Sputnik off leash anymore.

Variety Pack

There were lots of playful dogs at the park this afternoon. Ruffers, Colby, and Zoey all made some friends straight away and ran around a bit, while Isaac went for a tennis ball and Thompson took his time walking across the park. Before long, Zoey was chasing tennis balls alongside Isaac. The two of them splashed around in the kiddie pool for a bit. Later on, Colby hopped into the pool and swished her nose around in the water for a while. Thompson got some love from park regular Mike. Colby got along with Mike's dog Huckleberry and the two of them had some fun hopping around with each other. Ruffers continued to play with other dogs, while Zoey and Isaac occasionally broke off from playing fetch for some chases.

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