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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

At one point early on in the hike when the dogs were all sniffing around a lot, Cooper and Sputnik found a particularly interesting spot. Coco came around the other side to get a whiff. Since the spot was surrounded on the far side by dense brush and on the near side by me and the other dogs, Griff slipped in between my legs from behind to access the patch and find out what all of his packmates had found. As we made our way up the trails, several hikers commented on how well-behaved the pack were. Coco and Griff enjoyed exploring off leash together. Griff frequently lingered at spots as the rest of us continued along the trail, and then raced back to join us with his tongue flailing out of the side of his mouth.

Variety Pack

There were a pair of playful pups at the park this afternoon. Ruffers joined in with them by bowing and spinning. She also made some attempts to mount whoever was winning the puppy tackling game, but she backed off from that whenever I called her name. Isaac occasionally darted over to give a quick chest-butt to the top pup. It seemed like Ruffers and Isaac were both trying to even out the playing field for the little ones by keeping anyone from gaining too dominant of a position in the ongoing puppy wrestling match. Zoey ran around with some others and leapt at some short throws of the tennis ball. Thompson followed his usual route through the park, sniffing hello with every dog and getting pets from most of the humans along the way.

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