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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita joined the pack this morning and got to see her pal Griff. She was very excited to greet him when he hopped in the car with her. I was surprised to see Sputnik sniff out several spots along the trail today without leaving a scent mark. Coco seemed a bit grumpy today as she snorted and grunted when other dogs passed by us. Her mild fuss was enough to push Sputnik over the edge once and he started to bark at one dog. They both settled down in a couple seconds, and then Sputnik laid down on command and flopped over onto his side. At the end of our hike, we came across a little Golden Retriever puppy who was very wiggly and excited about greeting the pack. I watched Coco closely and kept Sputnik back while Mamacita and Griff gave a very warm greeting to the little one. Coco was also nice to the pup. Sputnik was a little on edge so I kept him sitting on the far side of me while the rest of the pack made their greetings.

variety Pack

Thompson made frequent stops at the beginning of our walk to sniff around and leave scent marks. He was quite demanding about where he wanted to go. Isaac and Zoey ran around with each other a bit. Ruffers went back and forth between running with Isaac and Zoey, and walking along with Mamacita, Thompson, and me. During the last stretch of our hike, we came upon a friendly chocolate Lab. Isaac was especially fond of him and they ran around together a lot. When we reached the pond, the whole pack took a dip. Then, Ruffers and Zoey really came to life and raced around along with Isaac and the Lab.

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