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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco and Rucksack ran around the trails together briefly before settling down and following their noses. Sputnik and Mamacita were pretty mellow today. They didn't react to their packmates running around. Everyone mostly just wanted to sniff and walk along calmly.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Colby, Coco, Stella, and Thompson enjoyed a pleasant walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Like the adventure pack this morning, the dogs were all content to just walk along. The only moment of excitement was when a biker hopped up onto the sidewalk from the dirt path beside it just as he was passing us. It made me jump a little but Colby really leaped out of her skin. The rest of the pack shrugged off the disturbance without much notice. Later on, Isaac wiggled around in the grass a bit. I was surprised when Stella and Coco both opted to stay upright.