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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was another mellow day on the trails. Colby ran on her own a bit, but when Griff didn't pursue, she came back and just followed him around as he sniffed in the tall grass. Sputnik and Coco trotted along at my side, making occasional stops to sniff around as well.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Zoey, and Isaac were all eager to get into the creek when we made a stop during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Ruffers waited for her packmates on dry land. Isaac stepped on something that got caught between his toes and his paw up to check it out. Ruffers came over to see what was up and then Zoey joined in. When Isaac stopped licking his paw, he was still limping so I checked it out myself. All I found was a bit of grit in between his toes that I picked out - nothing that seemed particularly problematic - but that did the trick as he hopped into my lap to lick my face and then didn't limp anymore for the rest of the walk.

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