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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Colby, Mamacita, and Ruffers enjoyed our hike on the Mesa Trail this morning amidst a holiday surge of hikers both human and canine. Most were very pleasant, but one off-leash dog who we encountered near the end of our hike made a short charge and barked at us just as we passed. Sputnik showed great poise by not responding in kind. Instead, he just stood his ground on the far side of me and watched until the other dog moved on, only letting out a slight, restrained grumble when the dog lingered. Mamacita and Ruffers responded differently by immediately walking toward the other dog and sniffing him in a gentle greeting, which abruptly defused the show of aggression. Colby stuck to my far side along with Sputnik, keeping out of any potential trouble. She was styling in a t-shirt to keep her from licking a wound she got while playing too hard in the brush last weekend.

Variety Pack

Clover and Monarch joined the pack this afternoon for the first time in a long while. Zoey and Monarch had fun racing through the tall grass together while Clover, Yoda, Coco, and Thompson sniffed along the trail. Later on, Yoda and Zoey chased each other up and down the trail with great enthusiasm while the rest of the pack were sniffing and exploring.

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