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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was the first to identify interesting spots to sniff along the trails while Ruffers, Mamacita, and Colby all followed up whenever he lingered somewhere. Mamacita started rearing back and hopping forward during the latter half of our hike, as she often does in cooler weather. When she does it, I'm not sure whether she is feeling playful, or is just trying to get us to hurry up and get back to the warmth of the car. I think it's at least sometimes the former, because in the past she has done it not only on the way back but on the way up the trail as well. Ruffers had thrown a playful paw or two at Sputnik early on in the hike but she didn't join Mamacita in her later display.

Variety Pack

Benny is enjoying his time out with the pack again. He has had a rough time lately with a neck tumor on top of the inner-ear issue that has been bothering him for the past year-and-a-half, but his spirits were high as he hopped into the packmobile and greeted his packmates with his usual, over-the-top enthusiasm that invariably earns him some stern retorts. Everyone was up for a little jog when we first set out along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon so we went a short distance with the pack all in a steady trot. After that, everyone took a break to sniff around and relieve themselves while Coco wiggled in the grass. Thompson, Zoey, and Colby occasionally shuffled places as we walked, but otherwise the pack stayed pretty orderly and everyone kept a steady walking pace.

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