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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Coco wandered around the Enchanted Mesa off leash this morning, finding places of olfactory interest to be followed up on by Griff and Sputnik. Later on, Sputnik and Griff took a turn off leash and did some exploring of their own. Griff led the way while Sputnik lingered behind to check out spots really thoroughly and then raced to catch up with the rest of us. They both enjoyed hopping on top of a big boulder and sniffing around in its pockets and crevices.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, and Ruffers all found a couple other playful dogs to race around with at the park. Meanwhile, Thompson found a human sitting at a picnic table in the center of the park who was happy to give him a massage. Before long, Isaac turned to his usual fetch routine, intermittently accompanied by Zoey. Later on, Thompson got up and led us on a walk around the park. First, we headed to the grassy area at the north end and then we made our way to the old tree stumps at the south end, with a brief stop back at the concrete pad in the center of the park. Ruffers found a Husky playmate at the south end of the park and the two of them leaped around together for a bit while Isaac continued to fetch, Zoey slipped into the dog fort under the tree stumps, and Thompson sniffed around and surveyed the action.