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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Coco kicked off the fun as they raced up and down the snowy trail together. Sputnik and Colby were both testy around the first couple dogs we saw so they stayed on leash until we came to a stretch of open trail without anyone else around. Coco was happy to join in with the two of them to run through the snow more. By that time, Griff had already run off most of his energy and he spent most of the remaining hike sniffing around in the snow.

Variety Pack

Isaac was a bundle of energy just raring to get out on the trail this afternoon. He sped by Zoey and Ruffers, who were also eager to romp in the snow. Blu tried to keep up but had trouble matching the speed of his packmates. Thompson trotted along at his own pace, taking time to sniff around on the way. At one point, Isaac found a giant tree limb and carried it partway up the trail. He would carry it off to the side and lie down with it, then wait for the pack to get a little ahead, and then run up ahead of everyone while his packmates dodged him to avoid getting clotheslined.

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