Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed back to the Bear Creek Path. Rucksack is healing from a bad run-in with a stick which found him in the emergency vet on Christmas Day. He seemed to be doing fine as he trotted along with Coco, Mamacita, and Sputnik this morning; but he needs to stay on leash for the time being so he doesn't reopen the wound.

Variety Pack

Clover and Monarch joined our Friday afternoon regulars Coco, Thompson, and Stella on a pack walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Coco and Stella refrained from wiggling for the duration of our outing. Everyone was on different pages for the first few minutes out, until a few pack members relieved themselves and then were a bit more pliant. Once we got moving, everyone kept in a great rhythm. The only hiccups were when Coco and Thompson occasionally got into a game of switching places with each other. Near the end of our walk, a young girl asked to pet the dogs and they all happily soaked up the attention from both the girl and her mother. When we got back to the packmobile, a friendly woman noticed me snapping a photo of the pack and offered to take one with me in it. Monarch leapt out of the car to say hello when the woman walked over, but after getting Monarch back in the car we were able to get a pretty good picture.