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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger and Ruffers had a great time racing around the trails with each other at CU South Campus this morning. Rucksack whined as he watched them because he wanted to join the pursuit, but he is still healing from his stick encounter last week. Mamacita and Sputnik both made some bows and lunges when their packmates ran by us as we hiked.

Variety Pack

Cooper, Ruffers, Stella, Zoey, and Thompson had a nice walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Thompson wanted to sniff out lots of spots to leave scent marks along the way, and Cooper followed up behind him every time. Zoey found a small stick along the way and chewed on it for a few minutes while Ruffers grabbed at it and eventually broke off her own piece to chew up. Stella trotted along dutifully in pace, only stopping a couple times along the way to relieve herself.