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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure pack

Mamacita was hesitant to hop out of the car again today, but again seemed to get over it pretty quickly once we got moving. Rucksack found a tennis ball along the trail today and kept it all the way back to the trail head. He dropped it every so often to sniff around in the ditches, but always reclaimed it before catching up with the rest of us. Sputnik got to explore off leash with Rucksack for a bit. He didn't make any attempts to steal Rucksack's ball, but he did sniff curiously at the ball while Rucksack held it in his mouth.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Zoey, and Stella all took great interest in a tree beside the Boulder Creek Path at Eben G. Fine Park this afternoon. Mamacita didn't sniff at the tree like her packmates and instead just hung around and waited for them to get their fill. Meanwhile, a friendly old woman came over to say hello to the dogs. Zoey quickly turned her attention from the tree to greet the woman beside Mamacita. Thompson and Stella, on the other hand, kept sniffing around the tree until we moved on.

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