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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After sniffing hello with a passing dog who was on leash, Griff had a huge burst of playful energy and sprinted around in big loops through the brush and across the trail. I suspect he intended to draw his new friend into a game of chase - not realizing that the other dogs was leashed and not able to partake. Coco ran along with him a bit, but only for brief spurts when he passed by near to her. Later on in the hike, Sputnik started licking Colby's ears. He then placed a paw on her back and dropped into a play bow. He followed this by rearing up on his hind legs and flailing his front legs at her in a very flirtatious manner. He repeated this sequence once more a few minutes later. Colby let him groom her without complaint but when he broke into the play moves, she re-positioned herself at my opposite side and gave him the cold shoulder.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Zoey found a great, big puddle to splash around in at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey enjoyed dunking her ball in the muddy water and pushing it around, while Isaac performed his signature move of lying down and shifting his weight back and forth from one side to the other in order to get fully saturated. Ruffers and Thompson chose not to join the puddle party, and they were remarkably less soiled by the end of our visit. Ruffers and Zoey found some playful dogs to chase around today while Isaac stuck to his usual fetching and Thompson followed his m.o. of meandering through the park and lingering at the center pad among humans who were happy to lavish him with attention.

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