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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Colby dodged around and chased each other through the fields during our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Coco danced in place as she watched her packmates. Griff wasn't so wrapped up in his packmates' play and just sniffed around a bit as he walked at my side. Griff hasn't been that interested in taking water from the CamelBak lately, but the rest of the pack lapped it up happily when we took a brief water break halfway through the hike.

Variety Pack

There was a firecracker of a Shiba Inu at the park today who play-tackled Mamacita and chased after Isaac, Zoey, and Ruffers. Mamacita rolled around on her back in the grass while the Shiba Inu jumped on her. Later on, Mamacita played with a big, fluffy, black-coated dog. Isaac had a follower while he played fetch. Thompson hung out at the center of the park where there was another old Husky, as well as several people to give him love. Ruffers joined in with some puppy's who were tackling each other. We headed to the south end of the park and Mamacita burst out into chases with Zoey. Isaac saw the two of them running and joined in the pursuit. It was a lively and very fun afternoon at the park!

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