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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac found a stick in the snow that he brought over to the trail. Coco kept checking over her shoulder to make sure Isaac wasn't about to swoop up from behind her with his prize. Sputnik was off sniffing around on his own. Isaac and Sputnik played a little bit of chase. The trail was almost completely empty, which wasn't surprising considering the frigid, snowy weather.

Variety Pack

There was a little more action along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon than there had been at Shanahan Ridge this morning, but it was still relatively quiet. Zoey was feeling playful and she pulled out the same move Mamacita often does when she's feeling frisky - rearing back on her hind legs and then leaping forward. Stella, Coco, and Isaac didn't respond to their packmate's attempt to stir things up. They instead just trotted along in pace. Stella's toes got cold at one point early on so I rubbed her foot and picked out the snow, and then she was okay for the rest of the walk.