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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack sniffed hello with a pair of German Shorthaired Pointers along the trails today. Sputnik was mellow about the dogs we passed and even stayed cool with the pointers as the pack lingered for a moment to greet them. Rucksack was very enthusiastic about the snow and will be happy to have is updated Voice & Sight tag next week so he can start going off-leash on mountain trails again. Coco and Mamacita hiked along in place beside me pleasantly.

Variety Pack

Thompson went off-roading as much as possible on our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. While he tromped through the snow, Ruffers, Zoey, and Coco mostly stuck to the path. When we all took the footpath beside the paved one, Ruffers was extremely interested in sniffing the snow, and went that entire half of the walk with her nose glued to the ground. Ruffers, Coco, and Zoey all made some play moves around each other at one point. Then, Zoey found a stick. She and Coco each took a turn chewing on it before it got left behind.

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