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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Coco roamed the trail together during the first half of our hike. When Griff gets caught up in sniffing a spot and then realizes he has fallen behind he runs to catch up with - and then pass - the rest of the pack with gleeful exuberance. Later on in the hike, Colby and Sputnik enjoyed chasing each other around. Sputnik started to get pushy and noisy when the chasing ended and they started to wrestle, and Colby's demeanor let me know that she was feeling overwhelmed so I put them back on the leash to have them settle down. Later, when a a dog and his jogger were coming up the trail behind us, Colby glanced over her shoulder at them a few times casually, without fixating on them, before they passed by us.

Variety Pack

Zoey burst into the dog park to chase down a tennis ball immediately upon entering. Thompson started his usual route to the center pad where he could get attention from the humans there. Ruffers and Zoey played together a bit. Mamacita watched the pair of them and made a few moves at the edge of their play radius. Isaac walked along with me on the leash at first as we sought out another tennis ball for him to fetch. We came across park regular Melissa and her two little dogs - Billy and Lilly - and while we were talking, a rambunctious dog ran over and then banged into her and knocked her down. A nurse was at the park and helped see to Melissa. My sister, Heather, visiting from Rhode Island - who had accompanied the pack to the park with me - offered to drive Melissa home. We cut the park visit short and afterward we brought the dogs out for a short walk around Martin Park.

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