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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The snow was coming down pretty hard when the pack hit the trails this morning. Sputnik and Rucksack had a blast racing through the fields over the fresh layer of snow that had already accumulated. Mamacita and Coco both hopped around in place while watching their packmates race. After that burst of energy wore off, we trekked through the snow together at a slow and steady pace with Rucksack playing scout. As often happens during cold and snowy weather - when Mamacita is out of her element - Mamacita lunged at a couple joggers who came up from behind us and passed us. I had her on a short leash so she didn't get anywhere near them, and she got over it as soon I caught her.

Variety Pack

The falling snow collected on the backs and heads of Zoey, Thompson, and Roger Roger, while it slicked right off of Coco's and Stella's coats. Stella and Roger Roger took a moment to give each other a nose-to-nose sniff when we paused along the Boulder Creek Path for a photo. Thompson munched on snow every now and then.

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