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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had a lot of investigating to do when we first set out on the trail this morning. All attention was on the scents that were to be found in the grassy fields along the way. The pack's focus was interrupted by a couple very excitable Golden Retrievers - one of whom rushed up to sniff hello while wiggling uncontrollably. Rucksack took point in greeting the lively pup, and the two of them hopped around each other for a while. Coco grumbled a bit at the over-the-top display, while Sputnik and Mamacita just stood by and waited it out. Later on in the hike, Coco and Rucksack got a bit playful with each other. Then it was back to sniffing. At one point along the way, Rucksack yelped and held up his back left leg and then started whimpering. I felt around for a minute and couldn't figure out what was bothering him, but he stopped whimpering and when we resumed the hike, he was putting weight on it normally again.

Variety Pack

Thompson really wanted to get in the Creek this afternoon. Coco and Zoey were quick to follow him in, and just as quick to decide they were satisfied to hop back out. Stella waited on the bank at first, but then took her turn to wade through the water once Coco and Zoey were done. Meanwhile, Thompson happily spent the whole time in the water.

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