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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There wasn't much sniffing around when we set out on the trail this morning, so we made it up past the intersection with the Saddle Rock Trail. We did take one long pause during our ascent when we came upon a snake in the middle of the trail. Besides me, Colby was the only one who seemed to even notice the obstruction. Griff and Sputnik just stood and looked around as if they were wondering what the holdup was - or maybe they were just too busy panting to care about snakes.

Variety Pack

Due to some absences in our usual crew, Zoey was our only pack member this afternoon. She had no trouble finding friends at the dog park, though. She happily trotted around with them, and chased down the tennis ball I threw for her. When she was getting hot, she lay down right over the water bowl - with her paws splayed to either side, and dunked her face in to really make the most of it.

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