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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger took Rucksack's place in the pack this morning. He was happy to be out on the trails with Mamacita and Sputnik. We came across surprisingly few hikers for such a temperate day; however, there was one dog we passed early on with whom Sputnik exchanged some growls as they both eyed each other with distrust. Our way up the mountain saw nobody else on the trails. Spuntik stopped stubbornly to sniff around at many points along the way. Mamacita and Roger Roger followed my lead better, but were happy to sniff around whenever I let Sputnik have a moment to check out whatever caught his nose.

Variety Pack

Milo and Zoey walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Our other usual Monday afternoon pack members - Coco, Thompson, and Stella - are all dealing with health issues at the moment, so it was just the two Doodles today. Milo seemed slightly uneasy again at the outset of our walk, but he warmed up to Zoey after I crouched down and gave them both some pets together, and Zoey made a couple playful dodges around him. There were a few spots at Martin Park that they were both very interested in sniffing, particularly at the fences of the ball field and the tennis courts.

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