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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita dug a patch of cool dirt in the shade when we took a break during our hike on the Gregory Canyon Trail this morning. Griff woofed at her while she was scratching up dirt, which gave her pause for a moment. When she resumed her work, Griff let out a single, loud bark. I'm not sure why Griff was so upset about Mamacita's dirt patch, but his method of dissuasion proved effective in putting an end to her efforts, so she just made do with what she had already dug up. Meanwhile, Colby and Sputnik stood by, drinking water from the CamelBak and looking out over the trail from our mountain vista.

Variety Pack

It was a hot afternoon and before long, the pack settled into a leisurely stroll along the Bear Creek Path. We made several stops in the shade along the way. Despite the heat, Isaac wasn't very interested in taking water; so I sprayed it all over his head to help cool him off. Considering how he flops around in puddles at every chance he gets, I suspect he may have preferred being doused rather than taking a drink anyway. Zoey and Mamacita were happy to take water. The pair of them also enjoyed walking through tall grass beside the path for some of the time, rather than trotting on the concrete.

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