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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Mamacita had a good time hiking all the way up the Anemone trail under a cool, overcast sky. The view of the canyon and nearby mountains from the mountaintop there is really gorgeous. We kept a steady, moderate pace, interrupted by a couple water breaks on the way up and another on the way back down.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Benny, and Oliver headed to the CU South Campus trails together this afternoon. It had heated up significantly after the sun came out since the Adventure Pack's morning hike. Benny stopped in the shade every so often to cool off, then trotted a little quicker to catch up with the rest of us. Zoey tromped through black, muddy ditch water so we made our way over to the pond at the end of our walk. Zoey hopped right in and rinsed off her legs. Oliver was a little hesitant to get in the pond, but he sat down in a shallow spot right at the water's edge. Benny was more willing to get into the water than I remember him typically being, and he waded out pretty far.

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