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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Ruffers investigated the ditches on our way up the Chautauqua Trail this morning. Ruffers hung back a bit, as she likes to do, while Sputnik walked right alongside me, Zoe, and Mamacita. Whenever Sputnik stopped to sniff a spot at the side of the trail, Zoe was quick to run over and check it out for herself, as well. Sputnik and Mamacita were both a bit ornery when it came to passing other dogs today. Sputnik has long been moody in that way, but I was surprised to see Mamacita react because it has been a long time since she's shown that kind of behavior. I suspect that the colder weather is going to bring that out more as the season goes on.

Variety Pack

Rey and Zoey were bouncing off of each other when we stopped by the house before our walk today. Isaac darted in with an occasional chest-butt. Cooper also tried to work his way in, to hump Rey, but I kept him in check. When we set out for the walk, the pack settled down a bit, but everyone was on different pages. Cooper made a lot of stops to leave scent marks. Coco wanted to hop through the tall grass, and she lied down to catch her breath from time to time. Rey was still feeling playful and she jumped on Zoey every once in a while. Zoey ignored her most of the time. At one point, though, she played back and the two of them leaped around together for a minute. In the midst of his packmates' antics, Isaac was a steadfast walker who followed along in place right behind me the whole time.