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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Rucksack, and Roger Roger were joined by old friends Clover and Monarch for our hike at the CU South Campus trails this morning. Monarch off-roaded for much of the hike, opting to wade through the tall grass rather than stick to the trail. Sputnik joined her to sniff around a lot of the time. Rucksack went to work giving Clover an ear-bath over the course of our trek. Clover didn't mind the attention, and by the time we made our way around the loop, her ears were well dampened by Rucksack's tongue. Roger Roger trotted along in step with me the whole time, and behaved himself very well.

Variety Pack

The pack had a lot of fun at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon! Avo ran her heart out, Racer fetched tennis balls, Rey played and played, little Zoe made some friends her size, and big Zoey had fun doing a little bit of everything. Sometimes Avo ran just to run; sometimes she ran while Rey chased her. Little Zoe was excited to greet another Spaniel, and then enjoyed running around with a little white dog - maybe a West Highland Terrier? Racer was so enthusiastic about chasing tennis balls that she had a brief barking fit when I stopped for a minute to play tug-of-war with little Zoe. Zoey chased some tennis balls as well, and also joined in running around with Avo and Rey for a bit, but she spent a lot of her time going around the park and making friends with everyone she could - human and dog alike, but especially the humans.

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