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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack was the one eating snow on the trails this morning. He and Ruffers had a lot of fun chasing each other. Sputnik watched with keen interest, and leapt at Ruffers when she came close to us on the trail. He didn't make so many stops to leave scent marks today. Mamacita hiked along behind me and didn't pay that much attention to her packmates running through the snow.

Variety Pack

Rey, Avo, and Zoey were all in very playful moods when they got together this afternoon. Zoey settled down when we started our hike at CU South Campus, but Rey and Avo were still hopping and climbing all over each other. Roger Roger, Clover, and Monarch were all pretty calm for most of the outing; however, everyone got excited to greet other dogs we came upon along the way. Monarch and Roger Roger munched on snow throughout the walk. Avo let her nose lead her as she kept it down to the ground for almost the entire time after she and Rey's play subsided.

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